Welcome to the Tower!

A next-generation corporate training app designed for remote and work-from-home employees.

What is The Tower?

The Tower is an app designed to be the ultimate office environment - a place that combines engagement, deep work and collaboration.

It was influenced by the concept of "Deep Work" by Cal Newport and the "Eudaimonia Machine" by David Dewane - the template for designing the ultimate space for maximum productivity.


Key Features


We go beyond leaderboards and badges. The Tower is a real game with unlockable levels, avatars, and items - all designed to increase employee engagement with your company.




Training Retention

The Tower solves the main problem with corporate training - the lack of repetition and failure of application. In order to advance, the employee has to repeat the task and apply it to the company's main goal.

Work and Collaboration

No man is an island but the best work gets done alone. The Tower has features to allow employees to switch between collaboration and  solo deep work to maximize productivity.